Shadow Box Pirate Map


Isn’t this fabric sooo stinking cute!!!  I order Sarah Jane Out to Sea , and when I saw it in person I fell more in love!  The first thing that I thought when I saw this super cute soft coral pink map, frame it!!  A lot of people are putting fabric into embroidery hoops right now for nurseries and I wanted to do something a little different!  I got this large, shallow shadow box from Joanns half off, I think that I paid 12$ for it.  I grabbed some smaller ones as well that I will share with you!

Here’s what you will need:

Shadow Box

Fabric/embroidered piece

Fusible batting

Embroidery floss, hoop & needle


Fabric glue


Open up the shadow box and take out the insert there, you will need that as a template and will be attaching your project onto it.


Trace the size of the shadow box with a sharpie onto the fusible batting and cut on the inside of the line, you want to make it just a smidgen smaller so you don’t have any puckering when you place your piece inside.


Flatten and smooth out your fabric on top of the fusible batting, fusible side up.  Press with an iron to set into place, attaching your fabric to the batting.


This fabric is darling as it is, but I wanted to do a little something to it.  I took a navy embroidery floss ( I always use DMC) and stitched over the print in certain areas.  I went over all the hashed treasure map lines, the “X marks the spot” x’s and I made a little heart over California for Charlotte’s home!


Grab your fabric glue and trim your fabric to about an inch border around the batting.  Fold over and glue as you go, trimming the edges.  Trimming off excess bulk will help you when you are trying to jam it in the shadow box!



I love this glue for fabric!



Next, place a little bit of glue around the back and place the same cardboard insert piece on top, this gives it a little more stability.  Once you sandwich those together, you can insert into your frame!


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