Ho ho holy moly it’s December!

it’s the season to get crafty people! What are you making?!

How cute is this bag! Would be fun to make for Christmas gifts for those crafty people in your life!


I have started to find some time to sew again! It’s still hard don’t get me wrong! But I sneak it in here and there.

As I’m spending hours on the couch nursing my daughter I dream of all the delicious fabric and bright threads that are calling my name up in my craftorium!

I started working on my first red work piece, a darling trio of snowmen. I’ve gotten two of the three musketeers complete, hoping to give them away for a Christmas gift…if I can finish them!

In the time I do have to “fun sew”, meaning things I don’t have to do, like fixing uniforms or making and repairing things for others, I’ve decided I need to work on the huge bin of things that are half done. So many misfits in my bin of have completed things! Like most crafters, I have a horrible addiction to fabric. I have way to much, but it doesn’t ever stop me from getting more! Now that we have a baby, I know that I have plenty of fabric to get me through doomsday. I must resist!
When I was pregnant I got on the charm pack disappearing nines quilt kick. I prepped and got all of my nine charm squares sewn, and that’s where it stopped. I have a problem over buying fabric with dreams of making this or that, but then time and life get in the way, and then that fabric dream fizzles rather fast! The other half of this is what do I do with this amazing hand crafted piece of art when I’m done?! Sell it? Gift it? Well this charm pack quilt will be finished, soon! I haven’t decided what to do with it, but I have decided it needs to be finished! Parting with it will come later!
The darling fabric line dig out of my stash is Riley Blake’s Sweetcakes charm pack. I ordered them from fabric.com awhile back. It’s so darn cute! Bright colors and tiny cakes & hearts! The top is complete, I will post photos soon!




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