Mod Elephant Quilt

Hey ya’ll!  It’s been awhile!  Been busy with Miss C and returning back to work!

I recently planned a wonderful shower for a wonderful mama to be!  My sister in law is expecting their first baby this March!  I am so excited to have nephew #2!  Of course, I offered to plan a shower, and those that know me I couldn’t just throw some cookies on a table and play some lame games!  I am working on a post for the shower, so come back soon to see it!

I cannot just buy gifts either!  There has to be some handmade ones!  Crafting, especially sewing skills are hard to find, and we all know how much those special handmade pretties are so desired!  I wrapped up a few of my favorites from my Von Sewin’ shop, burpies & a changing pad, perfect for a new mama, but I really wanted to make her something special for her little mister!  I decided to make a beautiful quilt for them, and this is what I came up with!

So being a busy mama, it gets tough some times to let my creativity flow out when I want it to.  I always seem to have great ideas when I don’t have the time!  I keep a journal with doodles and ideas in it, hoping and dreaming of the day when life will let me sneak in some creative time.  As my daughter gets older, I know that time will become more frequent.

The first step in any quilt is the one that I love the most, shopping for fabric!  As I don’t have enough!  I knew that she was doing grays and yellow, and elephants.  I went to my go to shop, and started searching.  I stumbled across a darling elephant print by Ed Emberley, Happy Drawings.  Adorable!  I had my focal fabric and went to work!  They have a work board where you can put all of your fabrics together and see how they look together!  Genius! I mixed it with several Riley Blake chevron and dots and minky for the backing.




How cute is that!!

At first, I figured that doing something quick and easy would be best, like strips or squares.  Easy to cut, and fast to assemble.  As I started to cut, I froze!  I couldn’t decide between squares or rectangles.  Then the fact that I would have to do lots of quilting math just irked me!  I took a deep breath, and sat with my collection of fabrics I had chosen, and decided that I couldn’t just throw some squares together.   I then thought, triangles!  I had never done triangles, well besides half squares, but I wanted to try 60 degree triangles!  After cutting what seemed like a billon of them, I sprawled out in my loft and began to work out a pattern.

It did take some time, but I pinned a lot and worked my magic!  I quilted all sides of the triangles, which made a really cool design on the back.  The minky was really easy to work with, I pinned the hell out of it.  No shifting issues and it looked better than I thought it would!

I found some elephant templates on google images, used some fusible interfacing and made the mama and baby elephant for the bottom, stitching a zig zag stitch to secure them.



I really loved working with the triangles!  It’s a great way to incorporate several fabrics!


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