My Crafty Wish List!

Every year around Christmas time, my husband always says, “ugh you are so hard to buy for!”.  Um, really dude?!  Come on!  I have some of the best hobbies in the world, making it super easy to find awesome gifts for me, right?! Ha, well.  Not quite according to him.  According to him, I HAVE EVERYTHING!  Whining commences.   He actually is the hard one to buy for,  so there.

So, I started to look at various places for ideas of things that I had been drooling over since last year.  Then I realized that I am hard to buy for!  I am blessed to be able to purchase those awesome tools and supplies that when I see them I must have them! It’s all so FLUFFY!! There would be no way I could wait all year-long until Christmas to get some of the awesome goodies that come out throughout the year.  One of the things that I love to do throughout the year, is add items that I think I may want or use to my Amazon Cart, then save them for later.  Most of the time. Ha.  If I really really want it and will use it soon, I’ll get it.  But, most of it ends up on my wish list.  I read a lot of blogs, see lots of great products here and there.  It’s a great way to save those ideas as I go, do my own research later, and decide if I need it.

I have to admit, I did stick to my resolution last year, and dramatically cut down on my fabric & crafting purchasing.  I have a 13×11 room all to my self for my craft, with a walk in closet.  Yet, I still have some bins of fabric stored away in one of my spare rooms. I really tried to stay away from my fav online fabric stores (sorry guys, I know you must have taken a hit!).  Also, any time that I went to a fabric or craft store for something that I actually needed for a project, I rarely took a cart.  I tried to stick to a carry basket to prevent it from overflowing with new to sale $1.49/yard flannel bolts…

I am glad that I stuck to this, as I have enough fabric to get me through at least a year of the Zombie Apocalypse.   Plus, since we’ve decided to start trying for bambino #2, I really, really don’t have a back up hiding space, I mean storage in the spare bedroom.  And, I really am not supposed to be getting any Christmas presents this year.  (shhh don’t tell hubby!)  I truly am a Jedi, I always know how to Jedi mind trick him.  I purchased my every so lovely Bernina 750 QE this year.  It was my Birthma-mothers-christmas-versary present, so that was a BIG splurge.  I wanted to keep it simple and easy this year.  Nothing crazy.  For once!  Here is my list for Santa!

1.  Additional feet for my Bernina.  On my list:  Applique’ foot #23: I do a lot of applique, I love it.  It’s super easy and gives a great effect to my projects.  I really could have used this for on a recent custom Mini Monsters Quilt, making it way easier to manuever around all those corners!

Mini Monsters baby Quilt, Custom order

Invisible zipper foot #35:  I actually love zipper installs.  Invisible’s can be a tad trickier.  This foot would help!

Zig Zag Hemmer foot #63:  I don’t have one, and I have been making more and more apparel since I have a little pumkin to dress now!

Non Stick Zig Zag Foot #52D: Here is one that I know would help out when sewing oil cloth & other sticky materials.  Oh the possibilities!

I truly believe that when we have more options with your machine, not only can you create more, your projects are easier and faster!  Sometimes even less intimidating.  I have always wanted to sew more vinyl, oil cloth, and even leather, to make some cute little pouches or bags.  It would make life a lot easier to have a smooth gliding foot.  I do have quite a good collection of feet. The 750 came with a great assortment.  My little Barbie box is full!

Shortly after purchasing my 750, I stumbled upon a great deal on a Bernina Artista 180.  It came with all of the embroidery attachments, a snazzy VHS tape with instructions, lots of additional feet & goodies!  I love that this older machines feet will feet my Big Bernie.  Little Bernie, meet Big Bernie!  So cute.

Bernina Artista 180

Cheap, I mean, I had to!  Main reason, it does embroidery.  The 750 QE can do embroidery, but for about $2000 extra.  Ouch.  I didn’t embroider all that much with my other machine that had it, but for a steal on a Bernina 180, I took it.  Plus, I plan on this being my daughters first machine when she’s old enough to start sewing.  It included several feet that I didn’t have, which was a bonus!  They are great stocking stuffer’s, because they are so tiny and lovely!

2.  Mini iron & portable pressing station.  So, right now, as mentioned before, I have a spare room that I house all of the big items & extra bulky fabrics.  Well, we are going to need that room this year, moving Little Miss C over to her big girl room.  I currently have a large, steaming Rowenta iron and oversized ironing board in there, as well as a large fold out cutting table.  Well, this is gonna have to go, so I would love to have a portable ironing/cutting station that I can keep and store inside my Craftorium.  I found this made by Omnigrid.  I could lay it out on the floor, or search for counter space somewhere!  It won’t replace larger pressing or cutting jobs, but I think that it would be great for piecing.  Think that I will also search the web and make a converted TV table ironing board for my room.  Unless I can Jedi mind trick hubby again to make one for me!

3.  Q Snap Frame: I have been doing embroidery for a long time, however cross stitching recently came back into my life.  I have traditionally used hoops, but this frame looks amazing! Seems a lot easier to load your fabric.  Plus it comes in several different sizes!

4.  Tucker Trimmer:  There are a few sizes of this über cool tool.  I have to admit, I discovered this one while watching Fons & Porter’s For the Love of Sewing Show.  Yes, nerd. But I love it!  The Tucker Trimmer is a ruler that helps you square up your pieced blocks and keeps them all nice and even.  It will allow you to trim down a squared block to the perfect size.  It has diagonal, corner to corner markings to get that perfect size.  I do lots of half square triangle quilts, love them!  There are so many possibilities.  However, you have to be really careful about squaring them up, and your seam sizes.  They all must be perfect to match up at the end.  I can see this little ruler being a well used tool in my sewing!

5.   318 Patchwork Patterns Book:  This book hasn’t been released yet, so I guess Santa can’t bring it for me, but I still want it!  Can Santa pre-order?!  I have been seeing it around on Instagram and lots of ladies are talking about it.  Designer Kumiko Fujita has designed some amazing things, 318 things!

6.  Rotating Cutting Mat:  I mean, cool right?!  Would be wonderful for cutting piecing pieces.  These cutting mats are on top of a rotating platform, making it easy to turn your mat, instead of repositioning your fabric each time you need to make a new cut.

7.  Non Stick Pressing Sheet: Like I had previously mentioned, I do a fair amount of applique’.  I’ve heard great things about pressing sheets, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten gooey crap on my Iron.

8.  Olisio Iron:  Ok, I know I said there was nothing super crazy or expensive, but I guess this is.  I have large steam Rowenta Iron.  Love it.  But, I need something that is a smaller and easier to work with inside my Craftorium.  I have been seeing the Olisio on some of the sewing shows, and I really think its super cool!  Weird that you can just leave the iron flat like that, but I think the new technology is fantastic.

9.  Quilter’s Gloves:  I honestly can’t believe I don’t have any, but I just never have gotten around to getting some!  At first, when first starting out free motion quilting, I didn’t think that they were a necessity.  But, on my big Bernie, although I have lots of room to quilt and move, I am doing larger scale quilts.  I do often times find myself loosing grip or getting sweaty little sausage fingers.  I don’t want to mess up all that hard work!

10. Pilot Fixion Pens: LOVE these!  Years ago I saw them somewhere online being used for quilting.  They are erasable pens that when ironed, the ink disappears!  I always hated the blue pens and pencils, these make great, solid markings you can see, and go away with the heat of the iron.  I have never had any issues with residue etc with these.

11.  Quilter’s Bee’s Wax & Thread Conditioner:  Never used either product, but I have heard many great things!  It helps eliminate knotting while hand stitching.

12.  Numbered Quilting Pins:  These would be awesome for row piecing.  I typically use some good ole’ small post-it notes, but they don’t stay on all that well.

We will see what Santa brings me!  I can’t wait for the potential to get my hands on  some new goodies!  And if I do, I will do reviews on them and make sure I give you all some follow-up.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone!

**This is my personal blog, I do not receive monetary compensation for any product reviews or recommendations.  All reviews represent the opinion of Sew.Bake.Love based on my personal use and results.  My opinions on products will not change it I received it at a discount or for free.  If an item was given for free or a discount I will disclose that on the individual blog posting at that time.


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